My Painting Journey


Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf Anvil of Doom


Here we have the classic Warhammer Anvil od Doom released on 1993 by Games Workshop in all its glory.

As mentioned in previous posts I tried to have a go an reinterprate the clasic artbox by GW with more current and modern paint style. I think that although there are a lot of primary colours in the same paintjob, overall the boxart still holds.

Above you can see some takes on reflective NMM. Works?? Up to you to judge.



Warhammer Anvil of Doom WIP 1

 It took me some time to get hold of this but I finally fot my hands on a classic Citadel Dwarf Anvil of Doom.

I must say the miniature is an absolutley delight to paint. 

I wanted to go for a modern interpretation of the classical paintjob with green and yellows as the original boxart.

Original boxart by Games Workshop:



The Laughing Heart

your life is your life

don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.

be on the watch.

there are ways out.

There is a light somewhere.

it may not be much light but

it beats the darkness.

be on the watch.

the gods will offer you chances.

know them.

take them.

you can’t beat death but

you can beat death in life, sometimes.

and the more often you learn to do it,

the more light there will be.

your life is your life.

know it while you have it.

you are marvelous

the gods wait to delight in you.

"Charles Bukowski"



Warhammer dwarf rangers-Dwarf pathfinders Avatars of war

 My dwarf rangers are finally finished!!! this make me incredibly much work going onto them.

For the unit I tried to keep to the "theme" of my army, that is my dwarf Throng reconquering a fallen dwarf fortress from the orcs and goblins hands.

For this reason I tried to include details like the orc skulls here and there and some ancestor's statues fallen on the ground.

I thought that it would be super cool to include some animal friends as the rangers way of communicating any possible theats to the main throng. You will be able to see some crows painted in a really subtle scheme trying not to distract too much attention from the main stars of this scene.

Hope you like them, and as always I will always welcome any of your comments!


Dwarf Rangers-Avatars of War-WIP 3

The work continues on these Avatar of War Dwarf Rangers. As you can see they are installed on magnets to allow better deployment on the gaming table. Magnetizing the bases has been a game changer for me.


Dwarf Rangers-Avatars of War-WIP 2

Here we go with the second line of Avatars of War Dwarf Rangers fitted properly for the classic Warhammer Fantasy. As you can see this is line 2 out of 4!!

Hope that you like them!


Dwarf Rangers-Avatars of War-WIP 1

Some WIP going on with my dwarf army...looks like this year will be the year of the DWARF.

These miniatures by Avatars of War  are a delight to paint. If you don't know who Felix Paniagua is then please take some time to check his range of miniatures. Felix Paniagua sculpted some of the most iconic dwarfs from the former Warhammer Fantasy universe.

In my honest opinion these miniatures are the best range of dwarf rangers in the 28mm range market.

For the unit I always had in mind a unit of rangers patrolling the forest near the dwarf fortress. That is why there are some orc skulls here and there. These bad boys are clearing the scum from their territory one orc at a time.

I hope you like it and as alwyays please be welcome to leave any feedback in the comment section.



Scale 75 Abyssal bust

3 months with no WIP pictures on the blog...shame on me!!!

Here you can see my take on the Abyssal Warlord bust by Scale 75. This miniature is a must for anybody that is interested on understanding volumes. The bust is massive and will give you plenty of room to experiment with pretty much anything you want to try.

This time I wanted to experiment on SPECIFIC POINTS ...As you can tell I failed miserably in some of the points(I do not think I achieved a white painted like plate armour) and achieved a just OK result in some others, but guess what!? This is the whole point of this, trying different things, learning something new and having fun in the way.

I hope you like it.



Scale 75 Abyssal bust-WIP 2

Work in progress for the abyssal warlord. As I mentioned in the openning post for this bad boy, I wanted to go go for a white armour style.

Not too sure if I am getting where I wanted but at least is some progress, and hey, where is the fun if there is no learning!!



Scale 75 Abyssal bust-WIP 1

Some early work in progress shot from my interpretation of Scale 75 Abyssal warlord bust.
The bust is an absolute joy to paint. Soon more progress.

As always your comments are critiques are super welcome.



Scale 75 Abyssal bust-setting the goals

I took a nice little break from miniature painting after The white dwarf. And I thought that it would be amazing to attack some of the members of the infamous list that I prepared some years ago with all the majority of the miniatures that have been waiting to be painted for ages. 

This bust sculpted by Alfonso Giraldes for Scale 75 is a monstruosity, as big as my fist and the detail is amazing. Alfonso had been a commercial painter for ages and when he designed this piece for sure that he knew what to offer to all the painters out there: VOLUMES and TEXTURES. It is a really niece piece because you have the round and cilinder like shoulder pads, a nice and big bold head that allows testing skin tones, fur and metal alike.

In this miniature I would like to set here some of the things I'd like to explore and try to further my understanding of colour:
  1. White like armour
  2. Iron rust beneath white painted plate.
  3. Subtle red osl underneath figure
  4. Purple deep eyes
  5. Pale gold
  6. Some eye effect on the chest and shoulder armour plates
Lets see what we get at the end, but certainly what I love about this hobby is the learning process, trial and error.



Warhammer : Gotrek, Bugman and Gombrindal the White dwarf

Finally I am done with this miniature. I loved the process of getting them ready for some tabletop action. 

I will now take a break from my dwarf army and paint something different to recharge the creative mojo.

Here the link to CMON if you want to drop a vote