30 September 2013

Captain Lysander of the imperial fists.

I wanted to place Lysander in a Iron warrior's city siege, so it is the banner,

I hope you like him.


13 September 2013

Ultramarine librarian.

It is on sale on ebay, so if you want to bid click HERE.(Good luck and thanks)

And if you want to leave a vote on CMON, click HERE.(Thank you for leaving your vote).

I hope you like it.


28 August 2013

Herald of Nurgle.

A more complicated miniature that it would seem at the very first sight. Anyway I hope you like it.

It is for sale, so if you are interested please click HERE.


4 July 2013

Eldar Farseer.

It's on sale on ebay, if you want to bid click HERE.

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Many thanks!!Hope you like it!!


6 June 2013

Loremaster of Hoeth III.

And at last finished...Hope you like it.

It is on sale on ebay. If you wante to bid click HERE.


17 May 2013


And finished al last!

Hope you like him, comments and critics are wellcome.

It is on ebay now, if you want to bid click HERE.


11 May 2013

Kabalite warrior.

Here we have the latest thing in which I'm currently working. I love these models, they have so much possibilities at painting!!

Some time ago I began to paint one(Take a look here) but I got a little bit bored about it.

I hope to finish this!!

6 April 2013

Forgeworld dwarf lord-Señor enano forgeworld.

Finally he is here. Hope you like it. Any comments or critics are wellcome.

If you want to leave a vote here is a link to CMON:

It will be at ebay soon, so if you are interested stay tunned.


Finalmente ya está aquí. Espero que os guste, cualquier comentario o crítica será bienvenido.

Si queréis dejar vuestro voto aquí os dejo el link a CMON:

Estará en ebay pronto, así que si os interesa estad atentos.

un saludo.