1 July 2017

Dwarf thunderers FINISHED!!!!

And finally the dwarf thunderers are ready to kick ass. The paint job could be improved big time, but there is no pretensions in this unit, just painting my lovely dwarf thunderers to a decent standard for my cabinet and the war field.

IT ONLY TOOK ME 6 YEARS to put them together since I got them LOL!!!!

You can see that the bases are square and that is because I do not like very much Age Of Sigmar (But that would be another topic). For all of you that want to keep living adventures and commanding your favourite army in the traditional warhammer world I recommend you to give a go to WARHAMMER REFORGED. In their blog there is an inmense amount of resources and rules books.....everything free!!! Again thank you very much for your hard work.

Here I leave the link to CMON just in case you want to drop a vote :)

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