My Painting Journey


Warhammer dwarf cannon

Finally after a lot of work my Old School Dwarf Cannon is finished.

I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed painting this guys. This was my first war machine or complex project involving a more complex display.

Hope that you like it and if you don´t please leave a comment on the comment section below, as the saying goes, you live you learn :)


Warhammer dwarf cannon WIP 9, Dwarf engineer

I a having a blast painting this war machine, finally I got back to the joy of painting. I think I will write an article in the future about the painter's burnout sindrome and ways to avoid it.




Warhammer dwarf cannon WIP 8, Dwarf engineer

One step closer now to the destination. Still halfway trough this fella but eventually we will get there :)

This Master Engineer will be supervising the cannon crew. He will be detachable from the base as an additional option for the unit.