Scale 75 Abyssal bust-setting the goals

I took a nice little break from miniature painting after The white dwarf. And I thought that it would be amazing to attack some of the members of the infamous list that I prepared some years ago with all the majority of the miniatures that have been waiting to be painted for ages. 

This bust sculpted by Alfonso Giraldes for Scale 75 is a monstruosity, as big as my fist and the detail is amazing. Alfonso had been a commercial painter for ages and when he designed this piece for sure that he knew what to offer to all the painters out there: VOLUMES and TEXTURES. It is a really niece piece because you have the round and cilinder like shoulder pads, a nice and big bold head that allows testing skin tones, fur and metal alike.

In this miniature I would like to set here some of the things I'd like to explore and try to further my understanding of colour:
  1. White like armour
  2. Iron rust beneath white painted plate.
  3. Subtle red osl underneath figure
  4. Purple deep eyes
  5. Pale gold
  6. Some eye effect on the chest and shoulder armour plates
Lets see what we get at the end, but certainly what I love about this hobby is the learning process, trial and error.