Volkmar the Grim: An Epic Tale of OOP miniatures and lost Bets

Volkmar the Grim with his war gear leading the troops

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts and miniature aficionados! Today, I have a tale to share with you, featuring the legendary Volkmar the Grim mounted on a war altar of Sigmar. 


Let me begin by saying that Volkmar the Grim is not your average guy, he is the embodiment of faith, a man who swore to vanquish chaos in all its forms. And as for the miniature itself? It is a behemoth that would give any civil engineer nightmares!

Sigmar griffon defying the rules of gravity on the altar's roof

There is an overwhelming amount of intricate details adorning this monstrosity. Shields, swords, knives, parchments, and yes, you guessed it, an impressive surplus of skulls. It's as if the creator went on a frenzy, attaching every conceivable object to the chariot. 

Amount of detail in just one wheel (only shows one side)

Now, you may be wondering how I ended up with such a magnificent treasure. Well, dear readers, it all started with a bet with a dear friend, as many memorable stories do-If I lost the bet then I would paint Volkmar and the War Altar of Sigmar for him. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side, and I found myself on the losing end. Honouring the code of honour between friends, I embarked on the daunting task of painting this colossal beast for my thrilled friend.

Let me assure you that this was no ordinary painting endeavour—it was a test of skill and endurance that almost shattered my very willpower. Stroke by stroke, I painstakingly worked to bring out the true essence of Volkmar the Grim, all while trying not to lose my sanity. It was a labor of love, a testament to the unbreakable bond shared between friends.


One out of several pages breaking down the miniature into actionable points in my attempt to not lose my mind in the process

As all good stories must, this chapter draws to a close. The miniature has bid adieu to my humble abode, finding sanctuary amidst friend's collection. 


Warrior Priest of Sigmar covering Volkmar's back

Until next time, may your brushes be steady, your dice be kind, and your victories be sweet.


Best regards


  1. Wow, what an epic paintjob! Your NMM is wonderful, and you put it into practice beautifully here! And the freehand on the flag is spectacular: at first we thought it was a decal!
    Your friend who won the bet was really lucky and we don't dare imagine what he would have owed to you if he had lost the bet...
    You arranged the snow as if it were falling straight down, without wind, or as if it were coming specifically from one side pushed by the wind?

  2. Thanks for commenting Rodor, very glad you liked it- you are right, the banner has a decal. at first hand it was supposed to be a freehand but wanted to try something new as I never used decals before :) Good eye!

    It was a well deserved price for this bet to my friend, although now I am very careful when being challenged and making bets with him , hahaha.

    The snow I always placed it as if it was coming straight down without wind.

    Best regards