My Painting Journey


Enough-Why is time to stop buying miniatures


I know it, I shouldn’t be buying any more models, for God’s sake!? How many miniatures do I owe? I don’t want to even count them but … Sitting at home comfortably. You are perusing the internet.

You know that this would be the perfect time to practice your craft; you could use this spare time to get some painting done and learn a new technique or try something new…

But instead you go on a rampage of collectionist consumption. You will spend the rest of the day perusing eBay looking for old school minis, games workshop store, Amazon and other miniature online shops. Finally you find something that will look amazing when (eventually) get to prep, paint and base it. You press “process order” and you feel a warm sensation of excitement in your gut -definitely you cannot wait for the plastic crack new blister or box to arrive home.

A pair of days have gone by now, maybe even one week and life kept happening, you are busy and there are some chances that you even forgot that you did it again. You open the mail box and you find a parcel with your name on it. Suddenly the warm feeling wraps around you and so you proceed to delicately remove the packaging.

Now you have the plastic sprues in front of you, you visually caress every single part of it and let your imagination wander about the million universes and possibilities that lay within the grey plastic.

It is time to wrap up because you have to make dinner, prepare for tomorrow’s work or watch Netflix, whatever... and then you carefully put back the box together and store it with all your other unpainted and/or unassembled miniatures.