Zweothel WIP

Here is the current state of Zweothel, important to say that is being a difficult mini to paint...and here are some previous work stages:

As it is a female figure we have to be very careful painting the face, if we exagerate the shading it looks more male than female and if we paint a lot of make up effects it would appear as a shemale...

More to come.


Dwarf Longbeards WIP.

Well, he is not finished...I will change something in his shield and I have to finish still the axe. These guys are going to be displayed in a very special base hahahaha. ONLY nineteen more left (Oh my God!!).

Bueno, todavía no está terminado...Cambiaré algunas cosas en el escudo y todavía tengo que terminar el hacha. Estos chicos van a ir sobre una base muy especial jejeje. Solo quedan 19 más( Díos mío!!).