Samson Zombicide Black plague WIP3:

I changed some of the colours as the yellow leather gloves didn´t convince me at all.

Closer to the end now.


Samson Zombicide WIP2: Black plague

Samson Zombicide black plague

Not quite sure on the yellow leather gloves.I changed the leather armour as I didn't really like it. I cannot wait for the whole set of heroes of my Zombicide black plague game finished.


Samson Zombicide: Black plague

Samson zombicide black plague

After the black orcs unit I need something chilled out to relax with no pressure and something quick. Recently I bought Zombicide: black plague and it is amazing!!So much fun!

Here you see Samson, the dwarf survivor from the black plague zombicide game.

Después de la unidad de orcos negros necesitaba algo relajado, sin ninguna presión y rápido de pintar. Recientemente adquirí la caja de Zombicide black plague y es increíble, muy divertido de jugar!

Aquí tenéis un avance de Samson, el superviviente enano del juego Zombicide black plague.