Goblin diaries Chapter update!

The goblin Diaries has been updated with the first chapter, more to come in the future.

You can see current progress on the top tab of the blog or clicking HERE.

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Warhammer: Teutogen Guard- Part 2

It seems like an eternity but the Teutogen guard is finally done! It is incredible that this joint project took 2 years to see the light.

The genesis of the project can be seen HERE.

If you want to see more work in progress process you can see it HERE.

How the project started:

The project started as a way of sharing the love for the hobby with a very good friend. I started the concept, came about with a colour scheme, painted a couple of models with him to coach him into improving his miniature painting and in the meantime having an awesome time.

In the picture below you will see arrows pointing at the figures I painted for him to act as a reference. 

The standard bearer, the high priest of Ulric Emil Valgeir and one rank and file teutogen guard were fully painted by me as they were the most complex pieces and would be the miniatures drawing the most attention. As a get together painting day, I showed him how I paint faces -you can see the sample face at the right of the picture.

Once he had the references he would be flying!

Something I didn't envisioned is that the project would take this long to see the day of light , 2 years!

On the other hand, my friend has done a fantastic job and he has improved his miniature painting a great deal. I can say with confidence that this project saw him levelling up as painter.

If you are reading me: WELL DONE!!! I hope you keep the momentum going 😊

We had so much fun having this joint project done that we are now going to develop another one, this time a Vampire Counts unit !

Teutogen Guard in all its glory:

Looking forward to the Vampire Counts unit 😏

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On the future of the Blog

Long-time no see.

I have been thinking long and hard about the future of this blog. As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in these pages for almost 2 years.

So, the question that inevitably raises is …why? And even more important…am I finally closing the blog?

The answer to the first question is that a lot has been happening in my personal life: changing jobs, changing cities, then changing jobs again, then go back to London … keeping the blog active was a challenge on top of all that.

The changing landscape of social media:

Then another one of the reasons is that I lost sight of the blog's purpose. Why keeping a blog alive instead of just posting my work in the likes of Instagram, Facebook or YouTube?

This is a difficult question to answer as this blog was born to be a personal happy diary of my progress and a vehicle to allow me to express myself personally and artistically while at the same time connecting with other hobbyists.

The raise of social media has revolutionised our little hobby corner and how we share our art with each other.

When I look at the likes of Instagram or Facebook, I must give credit when credit is due: it is incredibly easy to share any content in the platforms, and connecting with other creators is now as easy as double tapping a screen.

On the other hand, the use of these platforms comes with big flaws that make them very unattractive to make them my "hobby corner". 

Some of these reasons are things like the current trend of pushing short format videos like Reels (Instagram) or Shorts (YouTube) which pretty much fit the criteria of mindless entertainment.

For the likes of Instagram, I have experienced an atrocious home feed with almost 50% of the content in it being either reels with no connection to the hobby or advertisement of all sorts.

But I promise this is not a post about the pitfalls of social media… Rant over.

Another thing that I noticed is that a lot of the blogs I used to follow have now ceased to publish new content...which is a shame!


I don't know this for certain, but highly likely this is connected to the raise of social media and the ease at which art can be shared in those platforms.

What is the plan ahead?

So, the question I asked at the beginning was: is this the end of Gimnir’s Brush? 

Answer is Definitely NOT!

In the future I would like to create more content that is suitable to you and can help you become better in this hobby, while I share my projects as I become better in this wonderful craft we share...

As a Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf player, I love lost causes!

Please let me know in the comment section if there are any blogs out there that you enjoy reading, I would love to add some to my favourite blog list.

Best regards


P.S. I recently discovered a new blog: "The old-world Army Challenge", just love it!