Last Sword Miniatures: Elven Lion Prince


This is the first ever 3D printed miniature that I painted. The miniature that you see is from the Spanish Brand LastSword Miniatures. Just before I continue please bear in mind that I am not sponsored in any kind of way by them.

When I was contacted for this commission I was quite nervous about the possible quality of the model and the quality loss due to printing. In the past I have had excellent renders losing a lot of quality after printing the model (but that was quite a while ago, probably approx 4 years-Technology has improved quite a lot).

As you can see in the photos, some of the printing layers can be seen-This worried me a lot prior to do any painting-last thing you want is to see printing layers coming through once the miniature is finished.

Once that the miniature was primed, the printing layers were barely noticeable which was a great relief. As you can see in the first picture of the post, once that all the different paint layers have been applied and the miniature was done these layers could not be noticed at all. 

The proportions of the miniature are great, with very fine details in it.

I hope to paint more miniatures from this company in the future as their concepts are great and the quality is excellent. On top of that, the cost of the miniature was very good value at only 8 Euros.

For the base I wanted to try some marble effect that match the background of the elf prince.

All in all it was a very pleasurable experience, if you are like me and are not sure about the quality of the printed miniatures of this brand , give them a go-you won't regret it.



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